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Group Fitness 

Group Fitness classes:  

Reserve your spot in class to guarantee you’ll get in! Just log in to the member portal, select the class you’d like to attend, and reserve your spot!  

If you are not yet a member, click the LINK to join.  

Can’t make it to a class? You can always join a class on our FB group; Sara’s Group Fit.  

You don’t have to reserve a spot, but those who do will be guaranteed entry.  

SAVING SPOTS IS PROHIBITED! This is a zero-tolerance rule. If this happens, the member saving will be asked to leave our class for that day.  

Please arrive early to meet the instructor and be shown what equipment will be needed for the class.  

Our classes are limited to 25% capacity to provide the appropriate 6ft. spacing.  

Masks are required as much as possible. We understand that you may need to take a break and remove your mask to get adequate air.  

We sanitize our equipment before and after each class.   

We provide plenty of time between classes for proper cleaning.  

Please let your instructor know if you have any limitations. All of our instructors are well trained and can provide modifications to ensure your safety and enjoyment.  

Please wear proper clothing during your workout. We do ask that you wear a shirt that covers most of the body and shorts that cover what should be covered.  

Because our room is enclosed, please exercise proper hygiene before coming to class. 


You can easily cancel, change or put on hold any of your membership.


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Strength Training
Chronic Pain
Strength Assessment
Vision Training

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