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30 Min. Z-Health Neuro Assessment

Sara will not just address your symptoms, but will help you find the root cause of the problem. She will start by analyzing your gait, posture, and functional movement to determine strength/flexibility exercises you can do to eliminate pain and restore balance to your body.
She'll help you identify the postures, movements, and habits in life that are adding stress to your body, slowing your ability to heal.
She can also help you determine which organs in your body are functioning optimally and which are not and what you can do about it. She'll find ways to improve the function of your brain and nervous system which restores fluidity and makes movement feel effortless.
Weak muscles Equal Jammed Joints.
You may be on your way to lifting your max weight, completing that full push-up, squatting like never before or perhaps for the first time, feeling alive because you are out of pain!

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