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Online 60 min. Coaching

With over 25 years experience as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Z-Health Rehabilitation, Re-eduacation, and Brain Based Neuro Science Practitonier, Sara, specializes in helping people who feel they have tried everything, feel helpless and are still in pain.

No matter where you live and what your schedule you can be a part of Sara's Health & Fitness. Our detailed, online coaching program gives you everything you need including workouts, nutrition coaching, face-to-face weekly video conference calls with your trainer, and more!

Feeling better, has never been easier when you focus on the governing system of the human body… THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.There is a solution to the problems you’re having with your body whether it be pain, fear of injury, excess body fat, or slow metabolism. Your body has the answers, but they are hidden within your nervous system. Other trainers don’t fully understand enough about the brain to access this untapped resource, but at Sara's Health & Fitness, that’s exactly our specialty.

Do you have pain or injuries that never seem to go away? Have you tried every diet out there only to find that you are still gainng weight? Do you have reoccurring posture/alignment/flexibility problems or chronic health issues?

Minimum of 6 sessions must be purchased at one time. (Takes up to 2-weeks to create a new habit)

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