Founded in 2006, this 24 hr, 7,900 sq. foot Wellness Center (along with Edgerton Wellness Center and Holistic Kneads Massage) offers: 

- Group fitness classes (Included with memberships)  

- Free Weights 

- Kettlebell 

- TRX 

- Spin 

- HIIT  

- Cardio/Circuit training machines  

- Functional Trainers 

- Cardio Theatre  

Also offering over 26 years' experience in Z-Health, Mobility and Movement through Neuro brain-based science. 


Sara’s Health & Fitness is the most spectacular, professional, and comprehensive locally-owned fitness center. Its uniquely designed interior puts it head and shoulders above any franchise gym. 


“It is our goal to provide you with the proper environment, education, motivation, and professional instruction to help you achieve your fitness goals.” -Sara  

Sara’s is handicap accessible and welcomes wheelchairs, walkers etc.  

“Sara delivers utmost respect and empathy to her members and clients. This men’s and women's club stands alone when it comes to cleanliness, professionalism, and customer service. “ - An Active Member.  

You will leave looking forward to your next visit.   

**We follow Covid requirements and provide adequate 6 ft. spacing for safety, along with air purification.  

Guests are required to wear a mask when entering the gym and as much as possible during workouts. We understand the need to take it off and breathe, we just ask that the time is limited and away from other guests.  

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We allow the solution to sit for 5 min. In order to properly disinfect.  

Sharing equipment is prohibited and we ask that all equipment is labelled either “sanitizing,” or “in use” with the provided laminated card. **

About Sara:  

Sara was born and raised in Edgerton. Her mother and father opened Oren’s Auto Body and Carwash in 1976, and she remembers the hard work they put into it to provide for the family. When Sara’s parents retired, the business was passed down to her brother Shane, who runs it to this day. And, business is booming!  

When Sara was young, she fell in love with figure skating. For several years she was a competitive figure skater, and all throughout high school, she was a cheerleader. Through working to maximize her physical gifts, she developed a deep appreciation for training and physical fitness.  

When she graduated, Sara became a hairstylist, but her love of fitness never left her. After the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue her passion. She dedicated herself to becoming a personal trainer. Her love of anatomy made getting her personal training and group fitness certifications easy, but she knew she was capable of more. She decided it was time to open her own gym, and she purchased an old gym in a 350 sq. foot building. With the help of her husband at the time, as well as her father, Sara built her gym from the ground up. 

In 2006, Sara opened the uniquely beautiful Sara’s Health & Fitness. 

In 2015, Sara was introduced to Z-Health and never looked back. Sara is certified in Z-Health Essentials:  

- Rehabilitation 

- Vestibular (Eyes and Ears) 

- Threat (Nerve Gliding, Scars and damage to the skin)  

- Sport (Everyone’s an athlete. Learning to move and be better at what you would like to do.) 

- Sustenance and Spirit (Nutrition and Habit)  

- Stamina (Breathing and Pain Management) 

- and Structure (Valgus nerve and all other Neurology)  

Instructors and Staff:  

Most of Sara’s instructors started out as group fitness members. She has a variety of instructors who are all part-time and love to share their talent and deliver incredibly motivating classes. Each instructor has their own unique personality and teaching style but when it comes to teamwork...we all come together as one.   

Sara’s instructors are:  

- Certified in AED and CPR training.   

- Certified in Health & Wellness.  

- Instructed as a team to teach similar methods of exercise form in their classes.

Meet our Instructors and Staff:  

Sara Karman: 

Sara has been a trainer for over 25 years and comes with many certifications. She is well driven, motivational and her passion is working with individuals on their personal goals inside and outside the gym. 

Sara works alongside and networks with many of the local businesses. She stays involved with the Edgerton School system, Fire Department, Police Department, Edgerton Hospital Rehab, Edgerton Care Center, Edgerton Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists.

Her passion for Movement and Mobility, Pain Management, Tissue work, and Habit Control is just a fraction of the education she has under her belt. Many of her clients have been Stroke Survivors, suffered Brain Injury, Chronic Pain, RA, Depression, and Anxiety to name a few.

Having struggled with depression and anxiety, along with past eating disorders, has helped Sara relate to her clients. Her commitment to her continued education and dedication to understanding the human body, and how it can be rewired, proves that she cares about her clients, regardless of what their goals may be.  

Sara’s dog Clarence, her Therapy Boxer, is with her at the gym most days. Clarence loves to be pet and handed treats. Please remember, he is an Obedience Trained dog and needs to follow his commands from Sara.  

You’ll see Sara most days in the gym during staff hours. If she isn’t at the desk, she is probably teaching Group Fit or working with someone one-on-one. She loves to meet each and every member, so please leave a note on her desk if you would like for her to reach out to you.

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