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Our Facility


Walking in and looking at main floor:

  • Plenty of spacing between cardio equipment, strength equipment and stretching areas.
    • We do not place any of our equipment on top of each other.
  • We are wheelchair accessible.
    • No stairs to climb
    • Wheelchairs, walkers, walking canes are welcome. Most of our equipment is handicapped accessible and easily moveable to adjust to one’s needs
  • Social or Quiet area away from the equipment and classroom. We have a puzzle table, comfortable chairs for reading and a table for socializing and gatherings.
  • Complimentary coffee throughout the day
  • AED certified…This is set behind the desk on a side ledge that is out in the open and easy to grab in case an emergency.
  • Complimentary First-Aid kit that includes bandaids, ice/hot packs, antiseptics etc. Also behind the desk, next to the AED.

Checking In:

  • Each member is given a fob. Upon entry, please use this to check-into the gym.
  • Orange 24/7 Fob: swipe on the lower check-in
  • White Fob: swipe on the taller check-in
  • After you’ve checked in, look at the computer on the right. Your name will appear and ask you if you are taking a class or doing a gym visit.
  • Click mouse pad and then you are in.
  • Staff will help show instructions.
  • If you are the last to leave, please shut-off lights before you exit.


  • We are staffed during morning, afternoon and early evenings. If you need to talk with Sara, please text or call her anytime. 608-449-1616..
  • Staff is available early on Sat. and some Sundays.
  • A notepad is set on the front desk. Please drop us a note. ๐Ÿ™‚

Shower/Locker Rooms

  • Use of showers/towels are a complimentary service.
    • Shower areas are private
    • Hair dryer, shampoo and conditioner provided
    • Lockers are free to use for the day or can be rented out by the month
    • Handicap accessible showers
  • Sweat towels are a complimentary service to our members. Please feel free to bring your own.

Group Fitness

  • Group Fitness classroom has two separate doors that keeps it private from the other cardio and weight equipment.
    • Group instructor stands at the front of the room facing the mirror and is both doors.
    • Best spots to be; where you can see the instructor. The back of the room is not recommended. You will not be able to see her as well. Remember, eyes are on her and not you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    • Group fitness participants range from 2-15 people depending on class and time of year
    • All group fitness classes require prior sign-up through our personalized Wellness Fitness app.
    • Drop-ins are welcome. Please call Sara’s 608-884-9728, if you have a guest coming for the day to. Staff will help you get your guest signed up prior to class starting.
    • Please let us know if you need to share anything prior to participating in class that we should be aware of. Examples: Surgery, Painful areas, Diabetic, Anxiety, etc.
    • Weights are set up around the room, along with equipment that you will need prior to class. Instructor will be on sight to let you know what she will be using in class.
    • Class participants are responsible for wiping down weights, mats, other equipment that was used after class.
    • NO SAVING SPOTS for anyone! No exceptions to this rule. If you feel uncomfortable or something is said, please let Sara know right away! 608-449-1616…(Confidential)

Next door to us:

  • Chiropractor and Massage therapist, rent a part of our building.
  • We all work together to help with your wellness journey.

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