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It’s Back To Basic’s Time


😵 Do you Get Tired A lot? 😵

💣 Having dealt with chronic fatigue and ME for the past decade I understand all to well what it can be like to feel constantly tried.

If you find yourself getting tired A LOT, fatigued by mid-afternoon or struggling with energy this may help. 🔥
People ask why I do what I do, well I LOVE it.

Asking me to stop coaching or stop being an entrepreneur is like asking a professional boxer to stop fighting. Its my career, my passion and my purpose.🥊
BUT with a busy hectic schedule as I’m sure you have, how do we deal with fatigue, burnout, getting tired and keep our energy HIGH VIBE!??

✅ Here are some suggestions: ✅

1.) DOUBLE your water intake and add fresh lemon 🍋
By drinking 500ml-1 liter water directly when waking and before bed will drastically increase your hydration.This seems so basic BUT most people just do not drink enough water.Have a 500Ml water bottle and count it. Set a target each day and make sure you drink that many bottles.If you forget or a busy simply set an alarm.

2.) Remove blue light before waking and going to bed 📱Blue light from mobile devices, TV and computer screens can stimulate the eye and brain in a way that makes it more difficult to lower our state of consciousness and effects our sleep.DON’T have your phone next to your bed. Place you phone somewhere NOT arms reach away from your pillow.This one thing is HUGE, quality of sleep is EVERYTHING!

3.) Modify processed carbohydrates before Lunch time. 🍽 Something higher in protein and fat, this will keep your insulin sensitivity and blood sugar at optimal levels.

4) Do breathwork in the morning to activate the brain and meditation at night before bed.🧘‍♂️Doing breath work to increase oxygen flow in beginning of the day and meditating at night during your NON-blue light times will make a huge difference to not only quality of sleep but also stimulate the brain and energy flow.

5.) Have MORE cold showers 🛀Many people may cringe at this, but a cold shower even 30-60 seconds is a great way to stimulate your metabolisms, refresh and recharge.

6.) Skip the coffee ☕️Oh no he didn’t, yes I did. Anything that is a stimulant will lead to a crash. What goes up must come down. The bigger they are the harder they fall.Instead have a green smoothie or Tea!

7.) Exercise even in the Summer 🏋️‍♂️ DO some form of activity to increase blood flow and oxygenation. JUST MOVE…join Sara’s and don’t give up your workout regimen for the summer.

8.) Be more conscious 🗯Nothing is more tiring than negative thoughts. Our internal dialogue will drain us more than anything. Eat, breath, drink, move and think consciously. Instead of eating or drinking compulsively or out of habit, do so consciously by design and choice. Take the time to breath in and out in nature and earth every day grounding your bear feet on the grass or sand. Take the time to think about biting into your food, being grateful for the water you are drinking and be conscious of your thoughts. Choose positive thoughts and notice how you talk to yourself do you bully yourself or do you praise yourself. ALL these things will raise your vibration. Be sure to get some sunlight every day if you can also!

9.) Remove toxic people from your life 🚫This is the ultimate detox, energy vampires can drain the heck out of us. And unfortunately often they are friends, family or colleagues.
Hope these tips help. They may seem simple but prioritizing these things and scheduling them first before everything else has made a huge difference to my energy and my health.

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Make it a wonderful evening,

Sara Karman

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