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Are You In This 25%?


Quick Question: Did you eat breakfast this morning

Of all the meals we eat, breakfast gets the least respect. 


Here’s what I’m talking about:

1 – Breakfast is the most skipped meal. As many as 25% of us skip it every day!

2 – It’s often an afterthought – or even a problem! Because …

3 – When we do eat it, we want something that’s fast and requires no/little effort.

4 – And it’s even better if we can eat (or drink) our breakfast on the run.

The fact is, there are a LOT of studies investigating whether we even need to eat breakfast in the first place. 

However, many of those studies have linked eating breakfast to being healthier.

People who eat breakfast tend to have: 

  • Lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol,
  • Less risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, or being overweight.
  • Better memory and concentration.


But the fact is, researchers don’t know whether all of that is caused by eating breakfast – or whether people who eat breakfast tend to have healthier habits.

Either way, that’s a solid enough reason to eat breakfast! It sets the tone for your entire day.

What did YOU have for breakfast this morning!?

I had a yummy Protein Shake from I.Q. Nutrition up the road.
It’s my favorite place to get something on the go each morning at a great cost!

Make it an amazing day!

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